christians who don’t act like Christ

They think that Jesus was a republican, some of them call themselves “super christians”, when I hear that term. When they say I am a “super christian”, I don’t walk away, I run. It has been my experience that such people are dangerous they spout phrases like “praise the lord,hal-la-jah”. Sometimes they will start spouting out a lot of gibberish and say they are, “speaking in tongues”. I have seen people speaking in tongues, at the Church were I once attended. Those folks were for real, they go into an altered state of consciousness like a person who had taken a hallucinogenic drug, but they are not getting high they are having an experience of being filled with the Holy Spirit, and it brings them great joy and a sense of wholeness and a profound peacefulness that nothing else can. This is not a statist-symbol, it is not a possession, it is a gift, and has nothing to do with politics. The people who founded this country had the good sense to separate Church from State. But it seems to me that since the people elected Ronald Reagan there has been an effort to combine Church with State, or the State Church or some such thing like they had under the Holy Roman Empire. I don’t know, but this is very frightening to me. I can recall from Sunday School being taught about a day when Jesus was told by one of the 12 or so folks he chose to help him do his work here on the Earth, that he owed money to the Roman’s and that they would be after him to pay. This seemed to annoy Jesus and he said for them to go to a specific place near a lake or “maybe it was a river”, Anyway he sent some of them to that place had water and fish. He told them to cast their net in a certain spot. He told them what they would bring up in their net. I think as I recall he told them that would be three fishes, and to let one of the three fishes go and to bring the others to him. These folk had seen Jesus do thing that were impossible, so they did exactly what he told them to do. When they had cast a net into the water and, there were three fishes, just like Jesus told them there would be. They through the one back that Jesus had told them to release. Then when they had returned, Jesus took the two fishes and cut them open with his knife, and pulled out some coins. Jesus held out his hand to show his people the coins that he had removed. He ask them who’s image was on the coins ? One of them said that it was Caesar’s image for certain. Jesus said give them to Caesar then.  There were enough coins to pay the tax. It seems Jesus wasn’t about money at all. He had came to this Earth to carryout a mission, not to get involved  the politics of the times, So what makes these “super christians”, think that Jesus is involved with the politics of today ? I think they have missed something, but that’s just me.

I hope that this has helped someone who is confused as I was, Have a gooden’ y’all.


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